What is Closeting?

"Closeting" is our term for adding items to your Haverdash Closet. To Closet an item, log in and add each item you'd like from the product page. To access your Closet, select the hanger icon in the upper right hand of the site navigation. You’ll be directed to the Your Closet page where you can view the following: the At-Home section, the On-the-Rack section, and the On-Hold section.

The At-Home section shows all items that have been shipped to you. This includes items that are on their way to you, ones that are in your possession, and ones that are being shipped back to us. You can also track packages and buy items in this section.

The On-the-Rack section shows all items that you would love to rent from us. These are items that you’ve selected and placed in your Closet. Make sure you fulfill your Closet Minimum to receive the best shipping experience possible and to ensure you’ll start receiving boxes from Haverdash.

Add as many clothes to your virtual Closet as you want. A full, healthy Closet leads to quicker, faster shipping turnarounds. Try things you may not want to buy, but want to try - there are no strings attached.

The On-Hold section shows all the items you would love to rent from us at a later date. We like to think of this section as an attic — items you want to bookmark for later, when it’s the appropriate season or occasion. It’s a great place to save sweaters in the summer, and that cute sundress in the winter. When the time’s right, simply move an item to the On-the-Rack section with a quick click.

You can also choose to delete an item if you’re no longer interested in receiving it. Click Hold or Delete under the image of your choice to perform this action.

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